1on1 or workshops.


With more than 20 years of experience handling all kinds of professional dj gear,

I'm known by my peers as a frontrunner in the adaptation of new possibilities. Starting my career on vinyl I keep expanding and changing my own setup to match my creativity.

As an autodidact to midi-programming and audio-routing I often tutor professional dj's how to customize their setups to their needs as well as making them travel friendly. Getting the most out of minimized space.

Also keeping a neatly categorized (digital) music library became an art-form.

Using what Itunes has to offer to become a versatile music hub for many different dj-software programs.

are you looking for

basic or advanced dj schooling

getting the most out of your dj setup

tutoring in (digital) music library management




vinyl /cdj /xdj

rekordbox / traktor

ableton / maschine

midi / link / utp

harmonic mixing

push & pull (pacing)

from selecting to playing out

lossy / lossless



making your playlists

gig preparation

setting up at home or club

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The Netherlands